FAQ for Media.net/Yahoo/Bing Contextual Ads Program


I, as a publisher, use Media.net to fill some of my advertising inventory.  If you are considering using Media.net, or have recently begun using them, the answers below may help you understand some of their payment processes.

1.       How can I discern if a particular wire transfer was from Media.net?  My bank statement does not contain that information.

The payment we make is made via ‘SecureN1 transactions LLC’. This should help you identify payments from us.

2.       Do you charge me for wiring money to me?  If so, how much?  Do you charge for Paypal payouts?  If so, how much?

We do not charge you for the wire. However, the bank processing the wire may have charges. Again, we do not charge for Paypal payouts but Paypal may have charges in some cases.

3.       Why do you not offer ACH payouts?

We currently do not have this method of payout. However, it is being considered.

4.       How will I know what period of time was covered by a particular wire transfer?  Is there a page within my account that I can see such a correlation?

We make payments on a NET 30 basis. For example, you will receive the payment for the month of February on or around the 30th of March. You can see the previous months earnings on the dashboard. Additionally, the narration accompanying our payments also mentions the month for which the payment is made.

Elto.com Review: The Joke that Elto is

I recently was looking for someone to migrate my self-hosted WordPress site, EuropeanParty.com, to one hosted by WordPress.com.  The (one!) requirement was to make it look as similar to the self-hosted site as possible without incurring any WordPress.com fees.

I found on WordPress’s own site that they recommend Elto.com.

The short story is that Elto is not much better than the various (mainly) foreign freelancers that hold themselves out to be WordPress experts – in other words, they have NO idea what they are talking about.  If you want the long story (i.e. the transcript) leave me a comment.

I ended up having to do it myself.  Below is one screenshot of the self-hosted site and one of the Wordpress.com hosted site.

Self-hosted self-hosted