Elto.com Review: The Joke that Elto is

I recently was looking for someone to migrate my self-hosted WordPress site, EuropeanParty.com, to one hosted by WordPress.com.  The (one!) requirement was to make it look as similar to the self-hosted site as possible without incurring any WordPress.com fees.

I found on WordPress’s own site that they recommend Elto.com.

The short story is that Elto is not much better than the various (mainly) foreign freelancers that hold themselves out to be WordPress experts – in other words, they have NO idea what they are talking about.  If you want the long story (i.e. the transcript) leave me a comment.

I ended up having to do it myself.  Below is one screenshot of the self-hosted site and one of the Wordpress.com hosted site.

Self-hosted self-hosted


5 thoughts on “Elto.com Review: The Joke that Elto is

  1. I, too, am experiencing the joke that is ELTO. They were recommended to me by Shopify, who I later learned is a partner with ELTO. Interestingly, any and all bad reviews of ELTO seem to have been suppressed online, but if you dig hard enough, you can find the bad ones, and they all reveal how inept this company is. Ugh. Anyway, thanks for sharing, at least I’m not alone (small consolation for you and me both).

  2. I feel your pain , tried to get them to do a very basic data feed and a theme update.. 6 weeks later the are still running around trying to figure it out. I rate Shopify highly as a business but the fact that they recommend Elto is a bit of a concern.

  3. Was recommend for them and needed but of coding done. After they quoted me and took my money they emailed back saying that they can’t do the job. Wish they would have told me they were useless from the beginning. By the way, someone else is able to complete it so thier prigrammers are very weak. Don’t bother with them.

  4. This website is awful. They took well over $1000 to do a few modifications which took me begging, and pleading and emailing over and over again for 4 months. In the end I gave up because I was so fed up. Don’t get into any business with them. This site should be banned. I don’t know how but Google needs to remove this site out of their search engine, and shoppify and other sites should never mention their name again because this site is run by a handful of crooks exploiting third world developers and unsuspecting customers! They took my money and told me they couldn’t do work which was done in a matter of 2 hrs by someone else that I found on fiverr.com recently. Now that’s a great website. To hell with elto though! Stay away!

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