Carbonite is Useless (Review)

I don’t have much to report here since I my experience with Carbonite occurred a few months ago and I’ve forgotten many of the details. But I’d like to report that Carbonite was absolutely useless.

Apparently Carbonite had backed up several gigabytes of data for me, but I couldn’t get to any meaningful amount of it. Nor could I access particular files for that matter.

I have a very high speed internet connection; tells me upwards of 50 Mbps. However, it took me 24 hours to download less than a couple hundred Mb from Carbonite. I called their tech support several times the next day to ask them how I could download a particularly important file I needed. They directed me to the search function of their desktop control panel. It turned out to be unable to search my files effectively. It also crashed many times.

So after spending over an hour on the phone with their tech support over the span of several calls and days I decided to ask for a refund for the unused 2 years on my 3-year plan. When they should have offered me a full refund they told me I had to spend more time with their tech support winding my way through 2 more levels of support despite having worked my way to what I already thought was level 3 support.

Well, I’m using SOS Online Backup now. If I ever need to access my data I’ll let you know how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Carbonite is Useless (Review)

  1. Backed up my computer with Carbonite, it crashed, went to retrieve files, they were there but they were empty. Total scal company.

  2. They say they’ll ship you a backup drive if you need to restore. What they don’t advertise is that they won’t ship it outside the US. That’s why I’m now two weeks into trying to restore my files over the web after my hard drive corrupted, even though I have a fast (100mb+) connection. And I’m still only 4/5 of the way through.

    • I bought Carbonite and about a month later my puter went down losing everything. I went to Carbonite to get my stuff and found that every file was empty. I complained to them and didn’t even get a response from the bastards. I made it my mission to tell everyone that I knew what happened to me so they wouldn’t get suckered in by these crooks.
      Needless to say, that was my last with that company. Fool me once, shame on you. You won’t fool me twice.

  3. This is still true in 2018. Wish I knew this when I signed up a year ago. Now, I got a lot of gigabytes and can only download a few files at the time. Very slow connection and it will sign you out in a few minutes, so you’ll have to wait for it to change screens before you select more files.

    I’ll use DropBox and SyncBackPro from now on.

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